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Website: Homepage / Landing page (How To)

Your landing page

If you own / manage a company website it would be a good idea to make sure that your landing page / home page has the necessary information on. A landing page / home page is typically that page which users first encounter when they visit your website.

Top mistakes

The top mistakes I often see:

  1. Irrelevant information or content. Of course you can write about the history, the how’s and why’s and the when’s. You can share all your old pictures and your personal anecdotes.
  2. Too much scroll activity. We talk about the “fold”. Your most essential information needs to be visible on screen BEFORE your visitor has to scroll down to go look for it.
  3. Too much. This could be too many pictures, too many words, too many distracting elements, too many options, too many products. Too much happening on your website leaves your cyber-visitors shaken and confused AND THAT is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.

Best advice / How to make it better

  1. If you are serious about converting web-visitors into web-customers, you need to move this content to a secondary page. Use your homepage for the one thing, the one absolute call-to-action that instantly convinces your visitor to engage with your site.Call-to-action activities could include: Sign-up for our newsletter, download a white paper or article, watch an online demo or start a free trail. You can decide which makes more sense for your product offering.
  2. Place your call-to-action button above the fold. Pitch your central idea and convert your visitors instantly. You can include information below the fold, but ideally not information that is crucial to your conversion process.
  3. Write, re-write and ask for advice and guidance from a copy writer that specialises in online content writing. Plain, simple and to the point is ideal. And of course then key-words come in to play again and everything becomes confusing again…

Great landing pages

All have one thing in common. They know what they want to do and they do it.

It really is time to realise that websites aren’t supposed to be pretty, you don’t really have to draw your own pictures or write every word yourself. The plain truth is that your website should be converting visitors into leads into customers and if yours isn’t, you should call for help.

Short, sweet, serious.

Diva, signing out.

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